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Icon Hotel

The versatile styling potential of the Gamma product range is the star ingredient on the luxurious premises of this Hotel in Santiago de Chile.
Icon Hotel

The sophisticated setting has been completed by the sleek sensual silhouette of pieces from the Gamma & Dandy Home Collections by Giuseppe Viganò.

The harmonious sinuous Wave sofa is perfectly placed in the opulent light-filled lobby. Crafted from fabric, this piece of luxury Italian furniture has a sectional modular design and seductively slinky shape. It is a veritable work of art and the contrasting-colour scheme brings to the fore its exquisite elegance. For the guests’ comfort, the seating system has been completed with Basket tables with radiating spokes from the Dandy Home Collection, and Sharon armchairs detailed with blanket stitching. Wafer Night is the décor of choice in the Royal Suite. The bed has a high headrest, horizontal topstitching and a simple yet chic aesthetic. In the reception area of the Suite, we have the refined Marlon sofa with button tufting and the slender sleek Dean armchairs. Packed with all of Swing's sumptuous style, the leather sofa in the Royal Suite is made up of a series of generously large panels.

  • Location America
  • Typology Contract
  • Designer Jorge Fuentes