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Big Brother Israel

The customer, Gamma craftsmen and interior designers put their heads together to create a series of settings and pieces of décor for the popular TV show “Big Brother”.
Big Brother Israel

A project which showcases the potential for personalisation inherent in all Gamma products. After a single creative briefing, all elements could be easily adapted to the required purpose.

The desired result? To create a sofa with a wow factor which would effortlessly accommodate all the participants of the Israeli edition of the reality show. It was based on the Nautilus design, a product which is completely customisable, but the Israeli version preserved some of the original features, such as the comfy seats and backrest, as well as a series of visually-striking sartorial details. Superbly majestic, it was cut from Burt Blue leather which gives it an overall and highly distinctive cloudy effect. The spacious setting has been rounded off with Giselle, a leather armchair which oozes sophisticated appeal and a vintage vibe. It has been elevated with various sartorial details, such as the “Grog Grain” piping around the edges.

  • Location Asia
  • Typology Contract
  • Designer Ellita Design Team