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319 materials
    Burt Vibes H614
    Burt Vibes H615
    Burt Vibes H616
    Burt Vibes H617
    Burt Vibes H618
    Burt Vibes H619
    Burt Vibes H620
    Burt Vibes H622
    Burt Vibes H623
    Burt Vibes H624
    Burt Vibes H625
    Burt Vibes H626
    Burt Vibes H627
    Danka F300
    Danka F303
    Danka F304
    Danka F776
    Danka F777
    Danka F778
    Danka F785
    Danka F791
    Danka F800
    Danka F802
    Danka F803
    Danka F804
    Danka F805
    Danka F806
    Maori H660
    Maori H661
    Maori H681
    Maori H682
    Maori H684

    Only top-quality materials to reach the best design

    Marble, metal, wood and ceramics - a selection of premium materials and various finishes curated down to the last detail that we use to elevate our living room leather sofas, leather armchairs, modern occasional chairs, coffee tables and furnishing with rare elegance. And let’s focus on leather, cornerstone of our hand-crafted work. Only premium leather skins go to make up our leather-upholstered sofas, armchairs, furnishings and accessories. Up to 4.5-mm thick, these large hides mainly come from bulls bred in Italy and Northern Europe. We have been working with a select number of reliable Italian tanneries for years now and we invest heavily in innovation and research so we can offer cutting-edge tanning methods. This is the only way to bring to our customers original premium hides which imbue our products with a superlative aesthetic edge which stays unaltered despite the passing of the years. Another unique details of Gamma Arredamenti products are the elegant stitched detailing experted executed on special machinery with threads in different colours and of different thicknesses which enhance pleasant proportions and encapsulate all the innate elegance of Italian style. These are the fruits of the toils of our sartorial laboratory which strives to fulfil all aesthetic requirements and comply with all customisation requests.