The Gamma Hub is a real incubator of ideas, a perfect fusion of engineering, prototyping and research, the drivers of Gamma's corporate value. The Hub is accessed via a multi-level glass tower and culminates in the Rooftop, an exhibition space where the products are the real stars of the show. In the "Gamma experience", where design, technical research and attention to detail come together, the customers are 'hosted' and engaged in an immersive experiential programme that gives them an insight into Gamma's DNA, highlighting the multiple facets of the brand's style and identity.

The Hub

The Gamma Hub is an exhibition space covering an area of 1,000 sq.m., where designers and architects find the right mix of inspiration and technical support to turn their project into reality. Thanks to the Gamma Team of interior and visual designers, prototype makers and technicians, our customers receive support for all their needs and requests, including through the state-of-the-art rendering technologies available in the Showroom. The Hub's services are also offered to our retailers, providing inspiration for the layout of Gamma product displays inside their showrooms.


The synergy between the designer’s creativity and Gamma’s ability to engineer the product and support the customer from the initial design to delivery, monitoring each stage of the creative, production and logistics process, is of growing importance.
Icon Hotel, Chile


Gamma's Contract Division focuses on developing customised furnishings for special projects, such as hotels, airports, hospitality areas and lounges, applying the brand's signature craftsmanship and attention to detail to large-scale projects as well. Every Gamma creation can be customised thanks to our master craftsmen’s sartorial expertise and ability to suggest high-end materials and innovative design solutions.
Big Brother, Israel


Creativity means always thinking outside the box, which is why Gamma's Contract Division offers a finely-tuned and well organised service for every project through all its stages of development. Thanks to its in-house technicians, it can tackle and resolve the most complex issues and offer unique and innovative solutions and ideas, working with professionals on a one-to-one basis to ensure rapid, direct and helpful feedback. Our ongoing support and assistance even after the project is completed is part of a highly professional approach always focused on the customer's needs.
Henry Ford