Events | 17 July 2020
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Title of the project: CR1 Project
Designer & conception :Ismael Boufrahi For D-Style

1)      Introduce the project:
I was approached by the owners of this luxurious contemporary villa, which has indoor pool and indoor soccer field, with the ultimate purpose to upgrade the level of its 1,200 walkable m². The mission was to re-invent the spaces creating different and homogeneous atmospheres to make the customers travel through these 1,200 m²

2)      Why did you choose Gamma for this project:
I chose Gamma because it is a Brand that can offer me both exclusivity and authenticity of an artisanal, true made in Italy product. Their skills on personalization completely meets the need, taste and request of those clients that are seeking original, unique tailored furniture. The endless possibilities of personalization always allow me to achieve perfect matchings with the surroundings. The fact of having also been able to make custom sofas was a significant point!

3)      Which are for you the strenghts of Gamma:
Working with Gamma for over 10 years, and having constantly challenged them with unique requests with many tailor-made adaptations, I know I can rely on an extraordinary Prototype Team. Their expertise and prompt response are a crucial support on the realization of a project. None the less their quality in terms of production, prime selected materials and finishing, and fulfilment of reasonable delivery terms.

4)      Describe Gamma in One Word:
EXCELLENCE beyond compare

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