Events | 03 August 2020
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Title of the project: Tailored Elegance
Designer & conception :Sandra Haliva for Ellita Living
Country: Israel

1)      Introduce the project:
A spectacular eight bedrooms family house by the sea. We fully renovated the entire property, complete with full turn-key furnishing and styling.

2)      Why did you choose Gamma for this project:
I choose Gamma for this project first of all because of their quality! A fundamental aspect of my designs is the combination of different textures, choices of materials, finishes & fabrics. Gamma Collection is informed by the interplay of texture, in order to achieve a perfect balance a perfect furniture!

3)      Which are for you the strenghts of Gamma:
I'm always impressed with Gamma. The endless choices of designs and materials. These endless possibilities are a great advantage for me, as a designer! I can fly with my imagination and get the perfect product for my projects and my clients.

4)      Describe Gamma in One Word:
QUALITY out of reach!

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