Events | 24 September 2020
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Title of the project: Light-Filled Elegance - Privé at Island Estates
Designer & conception : Anima Domus with Azienda Interiors
Country: USA

1)      Introduce the project:
The Privé at Island Estates features luxury waterfront condos on its own private island in the heart of the city of Aventura. This three bedrooms, open space living room,  and four and a half bathroom condo was designed by Azienda Interiors and fully furnished with pieces by Anima Domus to create a contemporary and open living space.

2)      Why did you choose Gamma for this project:
We love offering our clients the Gamma collection because of its beautiful aesthetic, premium quality, and numerous options. Our clients enjoy the flexibility of the collection, allowing them to customize almost every detail.

3)      Which are for you the strenghts of Gamma:
Gamma brings so many solutions to the table, there is no other company like it. Beautiful collection, exquisite quality, and incredible team.

4)      Describe Gamma in One Word:

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