Leather armchair with a modern style elevated with striking design details.

Club is a leather armchair with a sophisticated design which perfectly encapsulates modern lifestyle. It fits easily into a whole series of different settings and décor styles. Its cocooning silhouette and high backrest create a sense of intimacy and protection whilst conveying effortless elegance.
Its dramatic contours, especially in the upper part which boasts a high back panel and lightweight headrest, bespeak its restrained elegance and conceal its peerless comfort.
This armchair has been embellished with some exquisite detailing, such as the leather straps and the decorative chromed buckle at the back. It can be personalised according to colour requirements and preferences for leather.

Product Details


  • Seat depth 54 cm - 21".
  • Seat height 41 cm - 16".
  • Armrest width 3 cm - 1" ¼.

Standard features

Metal frame.
Wood seat base with reinforced elastic webbing.
Seat cushion in polyurethane.
Feature a chrome buckle on the rear.
Stitching CUC 504.

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