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High Point 2017 October



The engineering department is the company’s beating heart; reference point for all production departments, from the birth of the prototype to realization of special customer requests.
Within the same, in collaboration with important fashion and décor designers, come to life with enthusiasm and elegance, order and development, rigor and creativity, graphic design, advertising and showroom settings to transmit personality and imagination to Gamma collections.


In the first phase of the production process, the untreated wood used for our frames is carefully analyzed in order to remove possible defects. As production goes on, every piece is perfectly shaped following the original pattern. In respect of the environment, we specifically use certified materials and products during the assembly process, which are highly technological and of excellent quality. Perfect examples are the elastic webbings, which are larger than those typically used in the upholstery business, guaranteeing long-term comfort of our sofas.


Our quality does not settle for compromise and this is the reason why we dedicate our focus to selecting the best raw materials. Quality leather is our priority and our selection must reflect the high standards that define our company. Our leathers, which originate from Italy and Northern Europe, come from large bull hides and reach thicknesses up to 4.5mm. In collaboration with carefully selected and trusted tanneries, we are continually devoted to innovation and research for new looks and avant-garde tanning techniques. This allows us to obtain unique leathers of superior quality, which lend our products an exclusive aesthetic value that remains unchanged over time.


In high quality production, the marking phase is a very delicate and important process in which the best areas of each hide are selected and circled. The cardboard patterns are then carefully positioned on the selected leathers, placed in locations where we can appreciate the hide at its best. The final product, made of very soft leather, irregular in its own originality, highlights the richness of the full grain and honors the craftsmanship in this important production phase.


At Gamma’s factory, the only electronic cutting machine is the one used for internal quilts or fabrics, mostly used for pillows or decorative accessories. The leather cutting is fully done by hand and performed by women who follow the pattern marks using scissors and knives. Based on the thickness, they carefully check and arrange the pieces on carts, ready to be passed to the skilled hands of our seamstresses.


At Gamma we care about every single production process, but sewing is the one that best defines our attention to detail: elegant stitching performed by special machines and different color and thickness threads, enriching the product and highlighting the unique Italian elegance and style. A real design studio, able to meet all demands, needs, and requirements of dealers and project managers in more than 70 countries, for the furnishing of exclusive homes, hotels and luxury yachts.


Our upholsterers are guardians of an ancient handcrafted art. Their job requires manual skills, energy, and passion. It’s a team livened by the search for perfection. Every piece is produced and completed with various covers, fillings, and shapes. It is then finished by the upholsterer, who makes it an authentic expression of the company’s philosophy.


Quality at Gamma is considered a goal from everybody. Starting from the designer’s sketch, to the prototype, then on to the finished product, everybody in the production process and all the suppliers have the same goal. The selection of the materials, the continuous supervision of several production stages, and the final check before shipment give our clients an excellent product, completely Made in Italy, Gamma Style without compromise.