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  • Hard wood frame.
  • Seat height 41 cm - 16".
  • Seat cushions and frame padding in polyurethane.
  • Folding bed not available.
  • Special stitching CUC 514.
  • Dimensions: the first figure shows sizes in centimeters, the second in inches.
  • Because of specific connectors for each element, it is recommended to specify on the purchase order:
    1. The suggested option required
    2. If you want a "mirrored version" of a suggested option
    3. If you want a modified version of a suggested option: in this case a sketch is required.
  • The elements in every composition, even if it's custom, cannot be combined in different ways or compositions due to specific connector settings.
  • For more pillows please check accessories price list.
  • Please advise covers for A and B.
  • Stitching styles 500, 500C, 509C, 517 are not recommended.
  • Geometric patterns fabric is not recommended.